New Hemorrhoid Ointment HemoTreat

A new hemorrhoid ointment named HemoTreat claims to perform better than Preparation H. The HemoTreat website claims 97% “scientifically proven success rate.” HemoTreat furthermore offers a 100% money-back guarantee:

We provide any customer, for any reason, 100% money back if they are not fully satisfied. We offer this guarantee because we believe whole heartedly it will alleviate discomfort and provide long-term relief. (link)

HemoTreat Hemorrhoidal Ointment
HemoTreat Hemorrhoidal Ointment

A partial list of ingredients for the new HemoTreat Ointment includes Camphor, Calcium Carbonate, Eucalyptus Oil, Lanolin, Petroleum Jelly, and Adeps Suillus. As far as I can tell, Adeps Suillus is lard. HemoTreat claims that this ingredient helps absorption of the other ingredients.

I have not tested HemoTreat, I cannot comment about it’s claim to be superior to Preparation H. Reviews on are mixed.

My opinion – without having tested HemoTreat – is that those with hemorrhoids should not be looking for a miracle cream (HemoTreat does not claim to be a miracle cream for the record). A hemorrhoidal ointment is only a part of the equation to curing and preventing hemorrhoids. A hemorrhoid is the bodies way of telling us that we are doing something wrong. Typically this means poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. Making small changes to your diet, such as taking Metamucil daily, will result in far greater changes than trying out a new hemorrhoid ointment. Likewise reducing the amount of time spent seated – on the couch (get a treadmill!), in the car, at the desk (get a standing desk!) – will also have a much more profound positive result as compared to searching for the “best” hemorrhoid ointment.

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