Preparing for a Colonoscopy

Instructions for Day before Colonoscopy
Instructions – Day before Colonoscopy

Hello folks, this is RG. I’m preparing for a colonoscopy tomorrow. A colonoscopy is when the doctor sticks a camera up your butt to look at your colon. They need to have you cleaned out so they can take a look around.

My instructions for today are liquid diet, and at 2pm take 3 Dulcolax, at 4pm mix 238g of Miralax (that’s 14 doses) into 64 ozs of gatorade or water – drink 10-12 ozs every 15-20m until finished. I’ve guzzled 48 ozs so far and … well nothing yet. Maybe the last 16 ozs will free the beast. Then at 6pm I’ll take 3 more dulcolax.

Interesting to me is that there is nothing in the instructions about protecting my arschenhole from the upcoming onslaught.

I’ve inserted a healthy dose of Preparation H into my bunghole to avoid any irritation. Hemorrhoids are caused by irritation. Irritation is caused by irregularity (constipation or diarrhea). Diarrhea is bound to happen VERY soon. With hemorrhoids, an ounce of prevention is worth a 100 pounds of cure. It is far easier to apply some Preparation H today, than to nurse a hemorrhoid for the next few weeks. I always keep Preparation H in the house, and when I’m irregular, I use it. It’s not just for curing hemorrhoids. I would argue that Preparation H is more useful as a preventative measure against them.

Ok, it’s time for the last glass of sludge (actually, it’s not so bad. I mixed 28 ozs of Gatorade with 36 ozs of water and the 238g of Miralax) and 3 more dulcolax. Any questions let me know. I’ll give an update after the procedure. – RG

4 thoughts on “Preparing for a Colonoscopy

  1. And? I couldn’t find any update.

    I’m really curious because one of the reasons I have been putting off getting a colonoscopy is annoying my hemorrhoid a.

    1. I’ll write the update on the colonoscopy today. Overall it was no big deal. You should definitely not put off a colonoscopy because of a hemorrhoid. The laxatives and resulting diarrhea necessary the day before a colonoscopy could aggravate the hemorrhoid, but a good gastroenterologist should be able to take care of the hemorrhoid “while he’s in there” doing the colonoscopy. I preach “cure the hemorrhoid naturally” but – if they are already in there, why not kill two birds with one stone? I recommend discussing your concern with your current gastroenterologist – if he/she does not have a solution, something he/she can do during the colonoscopy (i would think some kind of ligation, such as the CRH O’Regan method), then I would recommend finding another gastroenterologist who can. If you need help finding a gastroenterologist who can give you the colonoscopy AND take care of the hemorrhoid at the same time, just let me know your zip code or city, and i’ll help you look. You can email me here
      Take care of this sooner than later you’ll be glad you did! I’m relieved that it is now behind me. – RG

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