Prevention on Vacation

How Regular Guy stays Regular when on Vacation …

I recently went on vacation. My digestive system must have eyes or GPS because as soon as I try to poop anywhere other than home-base, I lock up. To make matters worse, I forgot to pack my Metamucil. Oh no! No problem, I found a pharmacy and grabbed another Metamucil (Smooth Texture Sugar Free Regular Unflavored is my favorite).

But nothing is where you want it to be when moving from hotel to hotel. Where are the spoons!?!? Time to improvise. I poured some Metamucil into a cup, used the cup as a makeshift funnel to pour the fibery goodness into a water bottle, then poured in water.

Getting my Metamucil on in a Hotel
Hotel Metamucil

I was a bit blocked up from the change in foods and again, my Gastro-GPS, so I took a Colace (ducosate) and wham-bamalam-boom. That disabled my away-from-home-colon-lock. Good stuff. I’ve added Colace to my out-of-town bathroom kit. Very gentle, no diarrhea.

Keep a few things handy when you’re not at home, and you will not have a hemorrhoid to nurse when you return home.

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