My Experience with Hemorrhoids

Hi. My name is RG and I have had 4 hemorrhoids. I’m the guy who made this website. I am NOT a doctor, I don’t have any miracle cures. The best thing I can help with is to tell you how I have finally learned to PREVENT hemorrhoids from recurring. I have not had a hemorrhoid recur in 4 years.

Hemorrhoid #1

Like many people, I went from an active youth, to a sedentary adult life, sitting at a desk job. One day, i think it was about 2005, I felt something when wiping. I bought some cream, did little to nothing else, and soon I had an external Grade IV hemorrhoid. Grade IV is when you cannot push it back in, and it hurts like hell. I had to have surgery for this hemorrhoid. Sadly that would not be the first time.

Hemorrhoid #2

After everything healed up from the surgery on hemorrhoid #1, I guess I thought “that’s it” and back to business as usual. BAD IDEA! Within a year I had my second Grade IV hemorrhoid. Surgery #2, and this time I’m going to learn my lesson. No. More. Hemorrhoids … For a short while …

Hemorrhoid #3

within 6 months of hemorrhoid #2, I had another one. This time I went to the doctor a little faster, as I had seen him very recently. It was a Grade III this time, which means you can push it back in, and it does not have a blood clot. It’s itchy and annoying, but it’s not yet painful. The doctor gave me the option: surgery or cure it at home. Curing it at home seemed like more work, so I opted for the knife for a 3rd time. Bad idea, never go for the quick fix. The first 2 surgeries may have been necessary because those hemorrhoids had blood clots, but this time I could have gone through the trouble of healing it at home. I was lazy.

Hemorrhoid #4

my last hemorrhoid occured in 2011. I decided to see what all the raving was about drinking wheat grass juice. I drank a little too much and it ran through me like drano. The irritation caused my 4th hemorrhoid. I decided that it would be my last. I went to a specialist to be sure that nothing was seriously wrong with me, and had the camera up the ass and everything. But this time I decided to heal it at home. I picked up the stuff I would need, and got serious about healing and preventing another hemorrhoid from ever happening again.

Hemorrhoid #5

has not happened. It has been 4 years since #4.