Necessary Products to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids

If you are serious about getting rid of your hemorrhoids, you’re going to need some stuff. It’s way cheaper than surgery and believe me, not having hemorrhoids is worth 1000 times the cost of these items. The products I am linking to are the exact products that I used to cure my last hemorrhoid/continue to use to prevent hemorrhoids from recurring.

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Metamucil  – #1 on the “must have” list. As long as you don’t have any contraindications (ask your doctor), you should be taking this with a large glass of water every day. The main ingredient is Psyllium Fiber. This will help your poop to be just right. Not too hard (constipated) not too soft/loose (diarrhea). This also can help to reduce cholesterol. I started taking Metamucil to cure my last hemorrhoid in 2011. I still take Metamucil every day.
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Sitz Bath – a Sitz Bath with warm water and epsom salt will soothe and reduce inflammation to the hemorrhoid. It is essential to do this 3-4x/day when curing a hemorrhoid. Once the hemorrhoid is healed, it is no longer necessary.
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Epsom Salt – Put a handful of Epsom Salt into the warm Sitz Bath. The more Sitz Baths you can take/day will speed up the healing time of the hemorrhoid.
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Preparation H – use this ointment especially before pooping, to reduce irritation to the hemorrhoid. I still use this when I get diarrhea, to prevent irritation. I always keep some of this in the bathroom.
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AND/ OR Preparation H Suppositories – Suppositories can be more convenient. It is a matter of preference. If you have strictly internal hemorrhoids, you might prefer suppositories. I use both normal and suppositories.
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Medicated Wipes – Never use normal TP. If you have a hemorrhoid, use Medicated Wipes. Once the hemorrhoid is gone, use Baby Wipes. The medicated wipes contain Witch Hazel, an astringent that reduces inflammation.
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Totables – Single-pack Medicated Wipes. These are handy to take to work, anywhere outside of the house. It’s easy to put a few of these in your pocket/bag without advertising to the world about your hemorrhoid. Remember, NEVER use normal TP, especially the cheap sandpaper TP you find in public restrooms!
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Squatty Potty – Sitting to poop is wrong. Our bodies were designed to squat. The Squatty Potty allows you to simulate a squatting position safely on “western” toilets.
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Wet Wipes – When you have a hemorrhoid, you should use medicated wipes. When the hemorrhoid is gone, switch to Wet Wipes. It has been 4+ years since my last hemorrhoid, and I still use Wet Wipes. Never use normal TP!
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Witch Hazel – Witch Hazel is an astringent (shrinks body tissues) made of from the leaves and bark of the North American shrub “Hamamelis virginiana”. It can be applied to a cotton ball, then upon the hemorrhoid, for an immediate soothing, cooling and shrinking of the hemorrhoid.
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Other stuff I use occasionally:

Immodium AD – I almost never need this because I take Metamucil daily, but if I do have diarrhea for some reason, one of these usually helps.
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Colace – I get constipated occasionally, especially when I’m away from home. Colace is a very gentle laxative that does not cause diarrhea, it just “allows me to poop”.
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Remember to read and follow the instructions for all of the medications.

Metamucil ~ Sitz Bath ~ Epsom Salt ~ Preparation H ~ Preparation H Suppositories ~ Medicated Wipes ~ Totables ~ Squatty Potty ~ Wet Wipes ~ Witch Hazel ~ Immodium ~ Colace

Irregular Guy

Howdy, Regular Guy … err … Irregular Guy here. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I’ve been busy living the hemorrhoid-free dream. But for the last few weeks, I’ve had an upset stomach. Red Flag. I know from experience that irregularity causes hemorrhoids, so I have to get into prevention mode tout suite.

I visited my doctor – since I was blackmailed into buying health insurance, I never like to pass up that opportunity. Everything looked ok and she recommended Gas-X (Simethicone). I’ve tried that with some degree of success. But in the week that ensued, I’ve noticed that my regularity is out of whack. I usually produce one giant soft log per day, but now I’m making 2-3 looser ones. I don’t attribute that to the Simethicone, rather to poor diet and stress.

BRAT diet
BRAT is an acronym for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce & Toast

The last thing I need right now is to nurse a hemorrhoid – so it’s time for action. Imodium (Loperamide HCL) normally works very well for me, so I headed over to Amazon and ordered the Imodium that also contains Simethicone (the active ingredient in Gas-X). Then it was off to the grocery store to get some “BRAT Diet” stuff. If you aren’t familiar with the BRAT diet, I’ll break it down for you. BRAT is an acronym for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. Easy on the stomach and easy on the pipes. It’s a good idea to lay off the kung-pao when your not pooping right.

It’s crucial to remember that when it comes to hemorrhoids, an ounce of prevention is worth 10 tons of cure. I get irregular once or twice a year, and for that reason I always keep Preparation H in the house. This week is one of those occasions where I get to use Preparation H for what it does best, preventing hemorrhoids. Before and after every irregular poop, and even for a few days after regularity returns, I’ll be generously using the stuff.

That’s all for now. Make sure you have some Preparation H in the house. It will save you a lot of trouble if you use it during irregular times. Any questions or comments, please let me know what you think.