Pruritis Ani (Itchy Bottom) and Nivea Soft

My Solution to Pruritis Ani (Itchy Bottom) – Nivea Soft!

I posted a few weeks ago about having an itchy bottom, which is technically referred to as “Pruritis Ani”. After doing some research, I decided that mine was probably being caused by irritation, possibly from changing soaps and too much scratching. I tried switching to Dove Soap, as it has been historically gentle to my skin. That alone did not seem to stop the itching. I started to get a little bit worried until I stumbled across some Nivea Soft moisturizing lotion in the bathroom drawer. I put a tiny dab of that onto the effected area, and voila problem solved. I guess I was just too dry there. I immediately grabbed a 4-pack at a ridiculously good price via

Nivea Soft - Great for Pruritis Ani or Itchy Bottom
Nivea Soft for Pruritis Ani, Itchy Bottom

I really like this moisturizing cream. It is not greasy and it has a very soft scent that is not too girly (although I do like the smell of it on my girlfriend!). I’m not much of a “metro-sexual” but the light scent is very pleasant. I’m not sure what the scent is, but it is gentle enough to cure and not irritate my itchy bottom any further.

My skin drinks this stuff up pretty fast. I’ve found myself using it everywhere and my GF says my skin looks better. She likes the smell on me as well.

I can’t say with 100% certainty if this will cure Itchy Bottom for you, as dry irritated skin is only one of the causes. But if you suspect that dry skin and perhaps a bit of scratching is causing Itchy Bottom for you, I can definitely recommend that you give it a try. Your skin may be different from mine, you may want to try something completely free of any scent, such as Cetaphil.

If moisturizing lotion has worked for you to cure your itchy bottom, I’d love to hear about it in the comments! Thanks – RG